Questions and Answers

How do I know if my computer is infected with a virus?

It is well known that computer viruses can cause problems ranging from irritating to catastrophic.  These viruses can corrupt data on our machines or make your computer unstable.  There are also a few viruses that use our e-mail programs to distribute these malicious viruses to everyone on our contact list.  Some signs may be that your computer crashes more often, (aka) the blue screen, or it can seem much slower than it used to be.  Viruses can also give you messages about blocking access to your folders and files.

Whats a trojan? I have heard of them before. What does it do?

Many people have heard the story of the Trojan horse.  It was a ploy by a group of people to infiltrate the camp of their neighbors.  The Trojans used  a decoy to fool their neighbors into believing they were receiving a gift.  Today we have been exposed to a modern version of this concept.  A Trojan in a computer can look and feel like a legitimate program installed on your computer.  It can steal information from our computer as we use it.  It targets information like your credit card numbers, bank information or your social security number.  We try so hard to protect this information and it is frightening to think that, by installing an unknown program or downloading something, we are opening ourselves up to allow anyone access to our most personal information.  

What can I do to protect my computer from the virus, Trojans, and worms?

JTK Computers Corporation knows the importance of having the correct anti-virus software and other protective software installed on your computer. Having the most up to date software helps you keep all of your private information safe and secure.  We will introduce you to the choices you can make to fit your budget.