Managed Services

Managed Services are preventive maintenance opportunities for you to prolong the useful life of your hardware and your computer’s software.  Today’s economy requires that your computer investments must work harder and last longer.  JTK Computers Corp. provides the services that push your investment to the limit.  Peace of mind that your servers and your computers are in tiptop shape alleviates stress and eliminates lost work time. We understand the importance of having as little downtime as possible and we will do whatever we can so that does not occur.

Managed Workstations

Everyone who uses a computer, whether a corporation entity or a homeowner, understands how important computers are in our lives.  Most of us store everything on our computers from personal photos, to home movies, and even our tax records. We panic every time our computer shuts off, turns blue, or we hear ticking coming from our machine. Our Managed Workstation Program helps to keep those "oh no" moments to a minimum.

Managed Servers

The unsung heroes of many companies are their servers.  They perform so many tasks to help make our business's grow and be productive.  Many hold the financial data or the very important documents we need to keep our companies producing.  Protecting your sensitive data and having your servers running smoothly is what our Managed Server Program is all about through scheduled visits.

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